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Tick off all 86 things to do on Brisbane’s bucket list

    You should see Brisbane Now

    Have you seen what’s happening in Brisbane? There’s big investment, new developments, a flourishing dining and bar scene - and the cultural offerings attract global attention. Discover a vibrant, accessible, open city with a high quality of life, great opportunities and a real welcome.

    Brisbane offers a pro-business climate, enviable work-life balance and a superb sub-tropical lifestyle. You’ll find a globally-connected city that retains the warmth and friendliness of a smaller community. It’s a magnet for talent and skills, a place where entrepreneurs thrive and more visitors are arriving to experience the good life.

    Brisbane is a sustainable city with a comprehensive network of walkways, bikeways, parklands and bush reserves encourages healthy outdoor living. If you haven’t seen what’s happening in Brisbane lately, then you should see it now.

    Brisbane - Australia's New World City

    As Australia’s New World City, Brisbane has rapidly emerged as an influential leader in the Asia Pacific and a highly desirable place to do business.

    Brisbane is a vibrant business hub attracting industry sectors that are globally scalable in the new world economy.

    Discover why so many forward-thinking companies Choose Brisbane for investment opportunities, conventions, business events, research, start-ups and technological innovation.

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