Unlocking Brisbane’s tourism potential

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones have outlined Brisbane’s potential to generate an additional $6.5 billion in new visitor expenditure by 2031, capitalising on record levels of visitation and growing the city’s global reputation.

Produced by the city’s economic development board, Brisbane Marketing, in partnership with the Queensland Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development, the Brisbane Tourism Investment Guide encourages investors and tourism organisations to look at the opportunities to create new world-class tourism experiences in Brisbane.

Cr Quirk said the target could be met by attracting the right investment in tourism infrastructure to bring in an extra 6.2 million overnight visitors staying an extra 48 million nights.

“The Brisbane Tourism Investment Guide summarises the city’s vision to increase its tourism experiences for the evolving needs of visitors,” Cr Quirk said.

“Brisbane now has $7 billion of major tourism infrastructure under construction including Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, the Brisbane Airport Parallel Runway and the International Cruise Terminal, while a further $9 billion is planned for completion by 2025.

“In recent decades we’ve seen our city go through an enormous transformation, which is unlocking Brisbane’s full potential as Australia’s New World City. Now it is time to take our next step.

“By attracting the right tourism projects, the city has an opportunity to double its total visitor numbers from 7.8 million overnight visitors in 2017 to 14 million by 2031. That is 2.7 million more visitors in 2031 than was expected and will support an additional 70,000 tourism jobs.

“This Tourism Investment Guide outlines the vision we hold in the city’s future as a ‘top 100 most visited global city’ – on par with cities like Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver and Abu Dhabi, and what infrastructure Brisbane needs to get there.

“Achieving a spot in the world’s top 100 most-visited cities will cement Brisbane’s reputation as a world-class leisure destination, while more visitors will spend more money and create more jobs in the Greater Brisbane region.

“Visitors will be looking for a wide range of new experiences. Brisbane has plenty of natural beauty, culture and lifestyle to share, but new commissionable tourism experiences are needed to encourage visitors to stay longer.”

To download the Tourism Investment Guide, visit www.investbrisbane.com.au/tourism