Success Stories - Choose Brisbane

A perfectly positioned urban capital with an authentically Australian sense of innovation, collaboration and optimism, Brisbane offers incredible opportunities for investment and growth – and these businesses are making the most of those opportunities. From homegrown heroes to international brands who have set their sights on the city, these case studies represent just a few of Brisbane’s many success stories.

When Scottish craft beer giant BrewDog were choosing their Australian headquarters, the deciding factors that got Brisbane over the line included connections, climate and community.

Brisbane tech startup Hindsight is skilling up staff and fortifying the future of work

PropTech start-up Little Hinges have utilised the connections and networking opportunities provided by the Brisbane EDA to grow their revenue by 220%, doubling their number of active customers in the past four months.

Chef Collective’s innovative new facility in Coorparoo is helping restaurants save money and adapt to a new dining landscape.

Montreal-based global logistics company Intelcom have chosen Brisbane as the first site for their expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.