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Growing and expanding in Brisbane

A modern city with a thriving economy, Brisbane is the place where opportunity and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Fuelled by positivity and the justified confidence that anything is possible, Brisbane is one of Australia’s most progressive, collaborative and business-friendly cities.

With a wave of new infrastructure, less red tape and clear blue skies all year round, Brisbane offers the perfect climate for businesses of all sizes and stages to innovate and grow.



Brisbane is home to the brightest minds, and world-class innovation, placing the city in the driver’s seat to solve global human and business challenges with game-changing impacts. The economic conditions for Brisbane are very favourable. The city’s talent base will be supercharged by Australia’s highest levels of migration growth, coupled with strong population growth set to surge by 43% by 2041. The city’s future is bright with 245,000 jobs predicted by 2031.


With the same airport capacity as Singapore and Hong Kong; Australia’s largest capital city port; and $14 billion of new infrastructure projects underway, including a new high-frequency metro service by 2023, the climate is right for success in Brisbane. 


All aboard. With a $14 billion infrastructure pipeline, an airport with the largest runway capacity in Australia, and a population that’s expected to grow by 43%, Brisbane’s economy is predicted to surge by 2041.


Brisbane is home to the brightest minds, and world-class innovation, placing the city in the driver’s seat to solve global human and business challenges with game-changing impacts. With world-class facilities, globally renowned education institutions and an enviable lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Brisbane attracts and cultivates the world’s brightest minds.


Known for its supportive and cost-competitive business environment, Brisbane is a city where collaboration is a part of who we are. It’s also the only city in Australia with an integrated economic development board, bringing optimistic and innovative locals together to do their best work. 


Brisbane is home to some of the best cancer and medical research institutes in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as pioneers on the cutting edge of scientific and technical research. It’s the city where the biggest thinkers and the brightest minds come together with highly connected entrepreneurs to make things happen. 


Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax — it’s a safe, vibrant, green, and prosperous city, valued for its friendly character and enjoyable lifestyle, surrounding 114km of the Brisbane River. With a vast network of more than 2180 parks across the city, an unrivalled alfresco culture, and easy access to glorious rainforests, mountain peaks and islands, Brisbane embodies the best of Australia.

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The Future Food Initiative delivers a series of intensive programs, workshops, and market interface opportunities designed to nurture and support our local talent.

Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s Property Technology (PropTech) Initiative has been established to support Brisbane’s technology cluster associated with the property and construction industry.

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Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s team provides support to new and established businesses in Brisbane, plus full market entry and expansion strategies to potential investors.

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Brisbane offers incredible opportunities for investment, with sustained economic growth, direct access to the world’s fastest-growing markets and a wave of major infrastructure projects powering the city’s positive outlook.