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Investing in brisbane

Brisbane offers incredible opportunities for investment, with sustained economic growth, direct access to the world’s fastest-growing markets and a wave of major infrastructure projects powering the city’s positive outlook.

The stable political environment and pro-development stance of Brisbane City Council – the largest municipal council in Australia – provides investors with confidence, while innovators, industry leaders and emerging talents are attracted to Brisbane by the city’s world-class infrastructure, cost-competitive business environment and genuine commitment to collaboration. If you’re looking for a city to transform and grow with, Brisbane is the right investment for you.


With superior port and airport facilities, world-class universities and research, and a slew of major infrastructure projects, including the $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf integrated resort and casino, a $944 million investment in the new Brisbane Metro, and a potential $58 billion South East Queensland City Deal to drive further investment in the future, it’s no wonder Brisbane’s thriving $182 billion economy is projected to grow to $217 billion by 2031.


Accounting for 12 per cent of national GDP, Brisbane’s economy is resilient, diversified and growing steadily. Brisbane businesses pay less payroll tax than their southern counterparts and benefit from being part of the largest local government region in Australia, which means less red tape. Brisbane is also home to a dedicated city economic development board focussed on delivering results for investors.


With world-class educational institutions, an appetite for innovation and a reputation for collaboration, Brisbane is an Asia-Pacific talent hub. Whether it’s agribusiness or robotics, we’re working together to solve the world’s big issues at a productivity rate nearly triple the national average. It’s why our start-up sector is booming, and global innovators like Boeing call Brisbane home.


Brisbane Airport’s capacity is now on par with Hong Kong and Singapore; the Port of Brisbane is Australia’s largest container hub, and five days closer to Asia than Melbourne by sea; and The Metro, Cross River and Inland Rail projects are just part of a $15 billion infrastructure pipeline. Brisbane is literally a city on the move, with direct access to the fastest-growing markets in the world.


Fuelled by sustained growth in the resources, construction and professional services sectors, Queensland’s capital is reimagining the future of property, tourism and food. We’re finding new ways to feed the planet, developing better systems to build better cities and leading the world in authentic, sustainable tourism development – and we want to partner with you to make it happen.

Brisbane Sectors


Brisbane is at the centre of a 360 degree food bowl, is home to the latest food technology and innovation research, and is perfectly placed to cater to the growing demands of the Asia Pacific market.


The City of Brisbane’s largest export industry is currently manufacturing, comprising $14 million in export value for FY2019-20. With a wealth of talent and industry-driven research, Brisbane offers opportunities for investment in smart and innovative manufacturing.


A $15 billion infrastructure boom, unprecedented population growth and a positive long-term outlook have driven demand for a range of property sectors and propelled Brisbane’s fast-growing PropTech (property tech) ecosystem to reshape the future of Brisbane’s built environment.


A wave of international hotel brands have claimed their share of Queensland’s thriving subtropical capital adding over 5,000 new rooms over the past 6 years. The Queen’s Wharf development alone will bring five new premium hotel brands and 1,000 new hotel rooms to Brisbane, including the city’s first six-star hotel.


Australia TradeCoast, Brisbane’s global export hub, incorporates the Port of Brisbane, the 24-hour Brisbane Airport and surrounding industrial areas. The transport, postal and warehousing sector contributed about $25.5 million to the Brisbane economy in FY2019-20.


Construction continues to be a major contributor to Brisbane’s economic growth, with the industry responsible for $30.9 billion in output for FY2019-20. A slew of major infrastructure projects are underway that will change the face of Brisbane.


Brisbane is the headquarters of METS Ignited, the national initiative to improve productivity in Australia’s Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector. Exports from the sector are forecast to reach $30 billion by 2030.

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The Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s Investment & Industry Development Team plays a crucial role in securing investment that will maximise Brisbane’s long-term economic growth and create opportunities for local businesses.

From homegrown heroes to international brands who have set their sights on the city, these case studies represent just a few of Brisbane’s many success stories.

Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s team provides support to new and established businesses in Brisbane, plus full market entry and expansion strategies to potential investors.