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TIMELAPSE: Watch a 3D printer create a prosthetic ear

At the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, scientists are printing prosthetic limbs.

Global effect of the cervical cancer vaccine 10 years on [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ten years after the cervical cancer vaccine went global, see how Prof Ian Frazer's discovery has had an incredible effect on the world.

Medical research you probably don't know is happening in Brisbane

The Brisbane Report guest editor Professor Frank Gannon from QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute wraps up the game-changing medical research happening in Brisbane.

Food innovators: You need to challenge the status quo

Brett Wiskar from Wiley explains how we feed our domestic and international markets with less cost and why achieving more is all about thinking differently.

The state of food innovation in Brisbane and beyond

South East Queensland has perhaps the best support mechanisms of any region in Australia to assist the development of innovative new food products.

Opinion: Food innovators need to embrace the C-word

For food innovators, it's all about the customer, writes Brandon Miller of Wiley.

Video: The science behind probiotic drink PERKii

The science behind probiotic drink PERKii is incredible - and created at Brisbane's University of Queensland.