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Intelligent eats: The robots fortifying the future of our food

Roger Hellens, the Deputy Executive Director of IFE Directorate's Institute for Future Environments, says advances in robotics and digital agriculture have the potential to completely change the future of food.

Why Brisbane - Wholesale Investor explores the state of innovation in Queensland

Raising capital is no easy journey. Just ask the Founders, Managing Directors, Board Members and CEOs who have been on that journey.

IN CONVERSATION: How blockchain is changing social enterprise

Jane Thomason is a passionate advocate for blockchain and digital technologies for social impact. In this video she shares some of the many ways blockchain tech is being applied across the world.

IN CONVERSATION: The latest in gene editing technology developments

Professor Ian Goodwin is the Centre Director for Crop Science at the University of Queensland. His cutting edge research focuses on biotech tools for crop improvement with an emphasis on the sustainable production of grain crops and food security.

FEATURE: Diamonds to digital wallets: How blockchain tech is changing the business landscape

FEATURE: Diamonds to digital wallets: How blockchain tech is changing the business landscape

OPINION: Can blockchain fit into your strategy? These are the vital questions to ask

Considering blockchain technology for your business? Jacob Elkhishin of RSM Australia shares his insights and some of the important questions you need to ask in deciding whether blockchain is right for you.

FEATURE: How Brisbane is developing its food innovation talent

General Manager of Investment Attraction at Brisbane Marketing Steven Silvester shares some insights into the Future Food program and how its developing local food talent for global expansion.

IN CONVERSATION: The property industry needs to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence

Ian Campbell, the Founder and CEO of Brisbane company Aire Software, says artificial intelligence is a match made in heaven for the data-filled property industry.

FEATURE: Digitising the workplace is just the beginning of a mega-trend in the commercial property industry

John Christian from CBRE 360 says the future of the workplace is all about integration and connectedness. Here he takes us through their journey into this space.

OPINION: Embrace innovation from the property sector now or face being obsolete

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Taronga Ventures Jonathan Hannam says it’s all about taking that first step towards innovation, and if you don’t, you risk being left behind.