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Student blog: 4 tips to nail your Brisbane International Student Ambassador application

2017 Student Ambassador Nozomi offers up advice to follow if you want to nail your Brisbane International Student Ambassador 2018 application.

28 ways to spend your uni break in Brisbane

If you’re staying in Brisbane for the summer break, we’ve got you more than covered with everything from climbing mountains and kayaking to bar hopping and binge eating.

22 places to find student accommodation in Brisbane

We've rounded up the best websites to help you find student accommodation in Brisbane.

Student Blog: Taking care of your mental health while studying abroad

Studying overseas is a great opportunity but it can also lead to some significant personal challenges. Student Ambassador Carolina offers tips on taking care of your mental health while studying abroad.

Student blog: the benefits of studying abroad

Student ambassador Ana shares her experience of studying in Brisbane and offers some insight into how studying abroad may benefit you in your career, personal development and lifestyle.

Student blog: Finding a job beyond your studies in Brisbane

Former Brisbane International Student Ambassador Carolina offers some handy tips on finding work in Brisbane beyond your studies.

Student Blog: The Marvel exhibit at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane International Student Ambassador Lorilee Joy Buado visits Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane’s multicultural events calendar

Take yourself on a cultural safari through Brisbane and experience our vibrant multicultural events calendar.

Tallest student accommodation in the world is built in Brisbane

Student One celebrates its first year, launching the world's tallest student accommodation to domestic and international students

What to do when you arrive in Brisbane

Brisbane International Student Ambassador Santiago Vargas shares his tips for international students arriving in Brisbane.