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Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good, without financial gain. The term ‘volunteering’ covers a wide diversity of activities in Australia society. It includes formal volunteering that takes place within organisations in a structured way and informal volunteering, that takes place outside a formal organisation.

Volunteering is a great way to build up your confidence and develop a range of skills. Employers are looking for students who engage in their local community and can demonstrate skills such as: initiative, teamwork, cultural fit and communication skills, which are all developed through volunteering. Additionally, volunteering has positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community that they serve.

Volunteering opportunities in Brisbane:

Volunteering Queensland


Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) involves the completion of an internship or project that contributes to credit for degree. The application process for a work-integrated learning (WIL) placement will depend on your program of study and will need to meet your degree requirements.

Work Integrated Learning opportunities in Brisbane:

If your degree requires a WIL component, your institution will provide you with information and support in finding a placement.

Work Experience and Internships

In Brisbane the terms work experience and internships are usually used interchangeably. Internships may be a more formal arrangement and are sometimes paid, but generally both work experience and internships are programs that allow a student to gain a better knowledge of the workings and day-to-day tasks of their chosen career or area of interest.

Work experience and internship opportunities in Brisbane:

- Student Connect: Study Brisbane runs two Student Connect events per year, connecting international students directly with employers. Register on the Ribit website and we will let you know when the next event is on.

- Brisbane City Council Tertiary Work Experience: Provides unpaid placements for Brisbane-based domestic and international tertiary students for up to 30 days each calendar year. More information here.

- New World City Internship Program: Provides students who are enrolled in a bachelor’s degree or higher with the opportunity to gain valuable degree-related experience with Brisbane-based businesses through a four-week paid internship program. More information here.

- Approach your institute’s employability office or student support staff for guidance on how to approach companies directly to seek work experience opportunities

Part Time and Casual Work

Part time and casual work is a way to make some money while studying and during semester breaks. Part time workers have regular working hours and days, while casual workers work shifts that might different days and different hours each work. Casuals also do not have a firm commitment about how long they will be employed for, whereas part-timers work on a fixed term or permanent contract.

Part time and casual work opportunities in Brisbane:

Check out this article for tips on where to find part time and casual work.

Seek and Indeed are two of Australia’s largest websites listing job opportunities.

Your institution may have a student job's board. Here are the links to Griffith University, QUT and UQ.

Graduate Work

Once you have graduated (or even in the last year of your studies), you will want to put your degree to good use by working either in Australia or in your home country. Organisations may start recruiting a year in advance for graduates, so it is important that you are as prepared as possible – this will include being ready to do a job search and have performed some volunteer work and maybe an internship.

Graduate work opportunities:

GradAustralia and Graduate Opportunities are search sites specifically listing graduate opportunities from some of Australia’s largest graduate employers.